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My Philosophy

            Illness can sometimes be challenging.  We are used to the anatomical concept of modern medicine and take it for granted when seeking cures.  Unfortunately, even when seem to be doing our best in this sphere, we may still experience difficulties physically and/or mentally.  

            Thousands of years’ of experience in China and my personal holistic clinical practices in US prove that HERBS CAN HELP.  To come to Chinese Herb Medicine as an alternative medicine, you need someone who really cares about you as an individual (instead of a sample of a population), who will be empathetic, supportive, thoughtful, challenging but not judgmental.  

            I will respect your current treatment protocols and understand their significance to your case.  I will start an herbal formula for you as “supplemental”. From experience, I know that Herbal Medicine will be effective in your treatment plan once you start it – and will be helpful more and more over time.  In fact, after a certain period of herbal treatments, depending on the individual case (usually 2-3 weeks), my clients generally observe significant improvements in their health conditions, become drug-free, and eventually get cured.  I often have cases that where changes can be appreciated after taking herb formula for just 2-3 days.

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